How to Succeed in a Fintech World (WEBINAR) by Tram Anh Nguyen (ISC 2000)

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#Finance is being dramatically transformed and so are the #skills needed to succeed in this new fast-changing tech world. If you want to understand how, join this free webinar, where Tram Anh Nguyen (ISC 2000) Co-Founder at CFTE (Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship) will discuss how professionals can transfer their existing skillset and build new ones in an era of #Fintech disruption.

Finance is undergoing a rapid shift to digital as emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, and Big Data begin to transform the business models of organisations across the globe. This is creating an urgent need for professionals to adapt their skillset to make a transition from traditional to digital finance.

WEBINAR SCHEDULE: heure de Londres donc début à 13h pour la France 

12:00 to 12:05: Introduction from Tram Anh

12:05 to 12:15: Disruption in Finance - What? How? 

12:15 to 12:25: What happens to jobs in Finance2.0?

12:25 to 12:35: Acquiring the right skills for digital finance

12:35 to 12:45: Q&A + introduction to CFTE's new online Fintech course*

About Tram Anh

Tram Anh is the co-Founder of CFTE, the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship. As an ex-banker from the traditional world of banking, she used to work on the trading floor in New York as a trader and main market maker for Standard Chartered. She then moved to Dresdner Kleinwort London before joining UBS Wealth Management where she worked with UHNW families in London. However, in the midst of the digital disruption of banking, she left to start CFTE, which is on a mission to train the next generation of finance

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