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Marketing - Wine

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After spending most of my life travelling/living abroad ( Brasil, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, USA, UK, Netherlands) and meeting people from all over the world, I focus on helping 15-99 years old find their purpose and orientate them self towards what is meaningful to them.

The idea is to help them find their #interest, #talents, #values and #aspiration in order to find the best path for them to reach their goals. This starts by taking serious psychometric test, discovering through personal interviews their talents and interest, and mapping the best path to reach their goals through education and experiences.

Because I believe young generations are the future and because it is proving difficult to navigate in all the possibilities of jobs and education, I dedicate myself to helping indiviuals find their way. I realize I could have used such a service and I witness regularly the need emerging that field.

As an #AEFE alumni and mother of children in "Lycee Francais" abroad, I understand the needs and "lost-feeling" those students and their parents can feel towards education. I am focusing on constantly acquiring the best tools and knowledge to service and facilitate their choices for their future.
I help #international citizens navigate and choose wisely #schools # education #career #direction #reconversion

I conduct on one on one sessions interviews to sense each person in a more precise way. I use the Strong Interest Inventory or GROP-4 to help determine true interests and help on individual's orientation, schools, jobs and formation data. I pride myself to give my clients the best suited personalized and tailored options for them.

Because I want to help, because I love people, and thanks to my different previous experiences in sales, marketing, export I know I can help 15-99 years old find their purpose and direction.

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MC Orientation , Amsterdam

Depuis le 01 janvier 2018

Founder - owner -


De Septembre 2015 à Aujourd'hui

Creating and developing a E-platform that will change Direct to consumer wine distribution.
It is the very early stage of the adventure full of challenges.

I am also open to help with marketing strategies, sales development, and growth management. I have proved successful track records in developing sales and promotions in domestic and International markets

Export director

Paul Jaboule AIne , Tain l'hermitage - CDI

De Janvier 2012 à Août 2015

Brand manager


De Janvier 2010 à Décembre 2011

Interact with brand owners and FWS management in order to build and develop profitable sales. Manage in the US market 23 different brands including Pol Roger, Paul Jaboulet Aine, Olivier Leflaive, Hugel & Fils, Churchill’s ports, Domaine Armand Rousseau…
- Pricing management: negotiate costs from suppliers and make sure all items are profitably priced to maximize volumes
- Inventory management: Ensure all inventories are current and are balanced to reflect sales priorities and goals. Make sure all items are properly coded, set up and legally approved
- Develop brand image presentations, educational tools, POS, innovative sales and promotions ideas
- Responsible for all budgets totaling 800K$ worth
- Educate sales forces (intern & wholesale) about the brands
- Support field in the market when needed
- Monitor Press plan and activity

Formations complémentaires

Master of Science in wine Management

OIV (organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin) - Wine marketing and sales

2003 à 2005

M.S. Wine Management, 2005: wine production, marketing/communication and sales

Winery visits and training classes in 20 countries including world famous wine universities

ISC - Marketing Strategique

ISC - Marketing Strategique

2000 à 2003

- Master in Strategic Marketing, July 2003
- Thesis: “Marketing in a Controversial Environment, the Tobacco Example”
- VP-Logistics of Student Association: organized university job fair, managed a 10-person team

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ISC – ISC – Marketing et Stratégie – 2003


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